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flashlight request

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I've been trying to create one for a gzdoom project for days now, and I just can't seem to wrap my head around this perceivably simple decorate code.

I need hitscan type flashlight, not something that shoots projectiles. does anyone have anything like this laying around? i've had no luck extracting codes from existing mods either.

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There was a flashlight in a mod named 6axis_beta1.wad, created in September 2011 by James "Jimmy" Paddock, and it used a "beam" type of light. I don't remember how it was achieved, but you can easily check the code.

Another example of a flashlight mod is this one, which is a modification of Jimmy's light, but casts a radial light instead of a beam.

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I believe Rex posted a link to Flashlight_Player_Class. The link does not work, but I was able to find the file from another website after a google search, and it does not accomplish what I'd like to achieve, unfortunately.

Also, the flashlight from 6axis.wad progressively drops the framerate of my map until it is absolutely unplayable, so no luck there. Not quite sure why that happens!

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