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Decent atmosphere for the first part (rain looked a bit more like pebbles than anything), before you get into the base. The base looked bland, but I guess the darkness pulls it off alright. I got the red key and went to the weird red triangle thingy...lowered my volume, raised gamma, went IDDQD, exit fullscreen, because my gut's just lurching with bad feeling.

Ha, I was right.

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i think jon washburn made an example wad for some scripted rain, but i can't seem to find it. i would like something a bit more pleasing, visually.

the underground base thing is a bit of a work in progress, however the maze-ish bit is intentionally underdetailed. things like the ridiculously dark/long room and maze are implied illusions created by that "thing". maybe i should make these areas more obvious? also, in the next part, those rooms are gone and are "normal".

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Positives: creepy atmosphere, scary elements (reminds me of Slender), some nice implementation.

Negatives: glitches on the outsie area, the skybox is a bit ugly and makes every outside area too laggy, the base is too simple.

Not bad overall! But a little bit more effort to this and it may be even a quite good stuff!

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