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Visplane Explorer 0.85 Released

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Visplane Explorer is a stand-alone program for visualizing possible VPO errors in DOOM maps.

I just released a new version, v 0.85, for 32-bit Windows and Debian Linuxes (and source code), available at the following site: http://vis-explorer.sourceforge.net/

There's no real smoking gun in this release, main work was on replacing the right panel with a menu bar, implementing a decent Open Map dialog, and creating a web page for it. I had planned to do more, but to be honest I got sick of working on it. Though I will continue to develop it -- sometime in the future :-)

CHANGES since 0.80

+ replaced side panel with menu bar
+ better way to pick file/map: an 'Open Map' dialog
+ keep some off-screen tiles, nicer scrolling and zooming
+ added 'Cheat Sheet' window to the Help menu
+ two status bars: completion and tile memory

- show an error if nodes are not present
- show an error if the map uses Hexen format

- ability to use the old "heat" colors
- either MMB or RMB can scroll the map
- small optimisation (compute the map's bounding box)

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Does it have a command-line syntax (other than file name)? Maybe I can automate it somehow by running it from a process.

EDIT: here's a mac build and source, while I'm at it.
Program: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5103936/visexp-mac.zip
Source code: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5103936/visexp-mac-source-addition.zip
See my next post

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Thanks printz for the MacOSX packages, I will put them on the Visplane Explorer web page.

Command-line option handling is non-existent, it only checks for --help, and the first option can be a wad filename and the second can be a map name (in full). I plan to support -file and -warp in the future.

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