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DOOM II - Dimensions

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Yes, Kamila won us over with some designs for levels which didn't fit our previous project, Projekt Xero and so, we decided to give "Dimensions" a go for the time being as smaller maps apparently appeal more to us right now than we thought.

Projekt Xero will of course be finished as well, just a lot later. We figured we could learn a lot working with smaller maps and apply them later to projekt zero.

Abiageal O'Meara has of course been working on a score for this wad, though we aren't demanding 38 tracks out of her for this one!

She of course said she is finishing the projekt xero soundtrack next, even if it's done two years before our levels are.

So, without further delay... here we go. I've decided to copy the README file as it basically says everything, and you wont have to read it later!

A DOOM II Level Replacement by Little Temple Group (littletemplegroup@aol.com)


A Registered copy of DOOM II by id software (DOOM2.WAD)
Latest version of Odamex (Currently 0.6.2) Download it here : http://odamex.net
Latest version of Zdoom (Currently 2.6.0) Download it here : http://zdoom.org/Download

Features -

32 all new levels for DOOM II complete with a story
Special soundtrack composed by Abiageal O'Meara


Project Lead - Kamila Zielinski

Levels - Kamila Zielinski
Elizavetta Zielinski
Marcus Dudek
Valentine Zajac

Art - Marcus Dudek

Story - Kamila "I Basically Ripped Off Quake" Zielinski

Music - Abiageal O'Meara
Sound - Bobby Prince


Genesis -

The Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) have finally put the decade old complexes to use. They have finally began setting up and testing successfully completed teleportation prototypes. Things go in one end, and come out the other in one piece. Well, accept for the first test, the cat's tail came back though! (poor kitty)

Success -

With the teleporters working and news spreading all over the world of what the future might hold, job offers by the UAC are snatched up like water in the valleys of sand. The UAC never considered what kind of people may be able to sneak their way into a top spot job at the UAC with nothing but bad intentions…

The Nightmare -

Five years go by and the technology only improves. A man named Marcus Slayder has been working with the UAC for five years now. Everyone respects him and fears him at the same time. He has a certain mysterious way about him but, when things go wrong deep in the Central Terminal Complex, he volunteers straight away to lead at team of engineers and egg heads into the now dark halls. Strange screaming can be heard and roaring can be heard throughout the valley where the UAC's fifteen year old fortresses of steal rest.

He moves on -

Backup is called within thirty minutes and marines rush through the Teleportation Complex, making their way through the still dark night sky. Before they can reach the Central Terminal Complex, Slayder warns them not to go further. He tells them the others were killed but that he knew a way to stop them. As the soldiers protest and go about their duty of asking him to follow them out to safety… Radio silence soon follows.

The Mission -

The sun is up by the time you, a hardened commander of the Earth Marine Corp arrives at the scene. Nobody at the barracks knew much, just that a whole team of marines and a couple of egg-heads went missing. The complex looks fine from the outside but, the saying don't judge a book by it's cover could always go both ways. You cock your pistol, take a deep breath, open the door into the dark halls of the complex.

Getting Going -

Once you've loaded the wad file and started a new game, you start in a small chamber with 5 passages around you. Two to your left, two to your right and one straight ahead.

To continue, walk into either chamber and step on the grated "Teleporter Pad" to exit the level.

First passage to your left is Episode 1 - Genesis
Second Passage to your left is Episode 2 - Dimension of the Damned
Second Passage to your right is Episode 3 - Dimension of the Red Sea
First passage to your right is Episode 4 - Shadow Dimension

The fifth passage straight ahead leads to the final level of the wad file but is, quite obviously sealed off! In order to enter this part of the level, you must first complete all four episodes (the order is up to you, though during a first time play through, we recommend going in order!)

Tech Stuff Only Nerds Like Us Care About -

Single Player/Coop (Yes)

Death Match (Yes, it'll be added to the main levels and a separate DIMENSIONS DEATH MATCH file of 6 or so maps later on)

Difficulty Settings (Yes, though if you're tough like us, play UV and if you're prepared to make us look like wussies, play Nightmare, we dare you!)

New Sounds (Maybe, we aren't sure yet. For now it's NO)

New Graphics (Yes, later on, a title screen, credits screen and exit screen at least)

How We Play Dimensions -

Controls -

We recommend having a "jump" key assigned as some gaps can't be crossed otherwise.

Mouselook may help but is, so far optional as far as level design goes.

Tips for people who aren't sure what's going on -

Some switches can only be activated by a swift punch to the metal or a bullet straight into the circuit board.

Water in Dimensions can have things hidden within it in most cases. It's always a good idea to go for a swim if you're the adventurous type.

Brown is of course, completely OK. However, be forewarned, it could be brown for a reason!


You MAY NOT use this wad file as a base for your own levels without permission from the original authors listed above (Personnel).
You MAY NOT use the music from this wad file for any other wad without the prior consent of Abiageal O'Meara (contact her by email at abbey0237@gmail.com)
You MAY distribute this wad file in all manners, recorded CD, file sharing, or otherwise provided it has this text file included.

Contact Little Temple Group at the following address - littletemplegroup@aol.com

Thank you for playing Dimensions!


Little Temple Group



All the usual readme mumbo jumbo! So, here's the links to both the main wad (levels) and the music wad!

Do tell us what you think! =)

Deathmatch will be added along with coop to the single player levels but, because some single player levels are small for more than 4 max players DMing, there will be a separate DM only wad. We just aren't sure how many level it'll be yet.

Levels link: http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/files/get/rwNqmVliqL/dimensions.zip

Music link: http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/files/get/i1u8NSNHTQ/dmus.zip

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Not sure what you mean exactly. The first map is indeed a hub level yes =)

Also, the file has just been updated. Fixed missed flags on objects and decoration for MAP01, sped up a lift in MAP02 and tweaked the difficulty slightly. We also fixed a few small places where a player would fall and get stuck between the outside of the base where the green armor is.

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Just a little update while we work on MAP03.

We think the sound track by Abiageal O'Meara is just as important as the levels themselves and should receive some coverage.

The following is whats there so far and hints of whats to come. Enjoy! Also, just in case, Abiageal O'Meara can currently be contacted at this address - Abbey0237@gmail.com







Little Temple Group

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Technically it's two playable maps. Though map01 serves as a hub to the four episodes. If you mean playable maps as in monsters to kill, secrets to find, then yes, theres only one in the current upload though, we're well, kamila and elizavetta are working on MAP03 as I type this. =)

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Cacowad said:

wait, it is really only one playable map? argh. oh well wait to see more.

post kinda made it look like whole thing was released

Anyways a suggestion:

I don't think the levels are "hubs" yet. I think atm there are just exits to different levels.

Look here for a tutorial to get you started: http://doomnexus.drdteam.org/Tutorial/hubs.html

A few things may have changed (depending on format used. feel free to ask on these forums or the zdoom forums for assistance.)

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Yeah, I just reread the thread and realized I forgot to mention we're still working on the thing.

Thanks for the link! No the level isn't a hub yet, we're still working on how it might work but I think the info you linked will really help!

It is basically an unfinished version so people can have a way to get to the maps in episode one.

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MAP 03 "Castle of Darkness" has been added along with deathmatch starts. We tested with bots and it actually makes an excellent DM map.

The main levels wad now has Map info along with appropriate skies.

The DMUS wad has been majorly updated. Instead of trying to convert to ogg ourselves, we finally asked Abiageal O'Meara to do it. She managed to get the file size down from 54.MB to a mere 7MB.

The DMUS file also includes the custom sound effects, adding only a few extra hundred KB to the overall file size.

Someone gave us feedback on how easy the first level was last time thus we made it slightly more difficult, we'd appreciate the same feedback for MAP03.

Levels link: http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/files/get/rwNqmVliqL/dimensions.zip

Music link: http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/files/get/i1u8NSNHTQ/dmus.zip


Little Temple Group

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Fun levels, I recorded a demo of me playing them in ZDoom (to watch just drag and drop it on zdoom.exe along with both wads), maybe you'll find it useful. :)

I probably enjoyed new music the most, but the level design and the gameplay were nice too.

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We just wanted to say thanks for the demo!

Kamila and Valentine got the most out of it as they designed level 3, we're waiting for Elizavetta to see it as she helped with the design of level 2.

It seems you pause and think about how to get around obstacles and that's great because Kamila said that's the main design behind the levels! We always try to give players multiple ways to get to certain areas. It was great seeing someone else play through the levels, it actually made us appreciate them more!

We'll forward your comment about the soundtrack to Abiageal, as I'm sure she will be glad to know you like it!


Little Temple Group

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Small update to say we've changed our download links to a different service (Thanks Blackfish)

Levels link: http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/files/get/rwNqmVliqL/dimensions.zip

Music link: http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/files/get/i1u8NSNHTQ/dmus.zip

We've finished Map 05 "The Catacombs" but have decided to wait to upload it when Map 06 is finished as well.

Little Temple Group

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We've decided to go ahead and release MAP 04 (not map05, my bad) after all and just wait to upload the rest of episode one after, so everyone doesn't have to keep playing map 01 2 and 3 over and over again.

It should be noted that the MAPINFO and RSKY textures are now in the DMUS.wad. The reason for this is because it's easier for us to update the map wads without corrupting MAP01 by re adding map info every time we update the levels and merging makes a mess of things in the long run.




Little Temple Group

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Hello Doomworld!

Just posting to let everyone know that MAP05 is done and MAP06 is underway. The next upload will be linked here once MAP09 is finished (marking the end of episode 1).

Also, we would like to share with you more additions to the soundtrack by Abiageal O'Meara.


^Plays on Map04


^plays on Map05


^plays on Map06


^plays on Map08


Little Temple Group

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A bump for an idea really, with an opinion or 20 needed.

A few days ago (or maybe more, I can't remember exactly) we let Gabrielle (a new aquiantance of ours whom we've been mentoring a bit in the way of doom level building, not that she needs it) play test our dimensions project.

The thing I'm going to ask about here involves a ... well, I don't want to say criticism.

Blah, it involves an opinion we took to heart.

I'll get down to it.

Hub level? Yes or no?

For those of you who have played it, you know which one we're referring to. The map in the 01 slot that lets you select episodes in a similar manner to Quake. once the maps are done and code is finished, the last level of each of the four episode will open one of the four doors leading to the exit to the last map slot where you fight the final boss yadayada.

Gabrielle quite bluntly said she thinks its a waste of map space. She may have a point, Elizavetta and Valentine disagree, Valentine the most.

But, it raised some things we hadn't thought about before. I'd say all together you spend MAYBE a minute in the map throughout the whole game. It can serve as a DM map, though, a small one.

I dunno, what do you guys think? Should it die in a fire? Or do you think it's a nice touch?

Kamila is passive as it took Elizavetta and herself maybe 6 or 7 hours to build.

We just thought we'd get an outside opinion or twenty.


Little Temple Group

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LittleTemple said:

Gabrielle quite bluntly said she thinks its a waste of map space.

It is a hub level that lets you go to four or five different episodes, right? Therefore, it's not vanilla Doom we're talking about here. It's something for a MAPINFO-compatible port.

Map space with ZDoom MAPINFO is not limited to MAP01--MAP32. You can have MAP00 to MAP99. Or MAP0 to MAP99999. In fact, you can have MAPAA to MAPZZ too. And what about that MAP part? It can be anything else, too.

In fact, the map space available is made of every name you can make with between 1 and 8 characters, each chosen from a pool of 36 (26 letters + 10 digits -- and even more if you add some extra characters like -, _, !, etc.). Your "map space" is easily over 6553600000000 map slots.

Nothing stops you from renaming the hub level HUB or even DIMNSION.

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we didn't know you could have more than 32 levels in ZDoom. We're still pretty new to this, I just figured it had the same level limit as DOOM 2.

Moving "The Five Chambers" to map slot 00 should fix the whole thing =P

Learn something new every day!

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Come on, even Ultimate Doom has more maps than Doom II (4x9=36). Heretic has 45 maps. Hexen gleefully goes up to map 60 in its expansion pack (but they use map slots bizarrely).

Several ZDoom/MAPINFO mods have had more maps than 32. You can go here and sort the table by number of maps. There's a lot that have 33 or more maps.

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Right, but ultimate doom was programmed by id to have more maps than doom 2 =P

We didn't know map info could do that. I'm not sure why you're surprised, we're obviously a bunch of morons over here haha

Thanks for the info though!

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I gave the demo a try because I was interested in the "elevator pitch" so to speak. Unfortunately I found the actual product fairly disappointing, even for a demo. I'm making a critique in the hopes that you can find it useful, not to hurt anyone's feelings.

Basically, I liked Quake 1. So I'm on board with anything that's Quake-based, Quake-inspired, Quake-aesthetic-using, whatever you call it. This project is very obviously inspired by Quake, what with the hub level and different dimensions, and a lot of the areas that are in the demo so far. It fails to deliver on the Quakey promise, though, because the architecture is extremely bland by 2013 standards and the textures are stock Doom textures. I think you need to address at LEAST one of these two things. Dressing it up with a Quakey texture wad might be enough, I don't know.

Look at Requiem map31--that's basically the same idea as this, "remake some Quake stuff in Doom"--granted it's only one map and a much closer remake, but I think the point stands. It looks much nicer, more atmospheric, more Quakey. Not to put too fine a point on it, but when was Requiem made? 1997. Yeah.

I'd really love to see this succeed, but I worry that as is it's looking to be cast from the same mold as DTS-T, which if you don't know was an ambitious project with an interesting storyline and some pretty interesting locations, but fell down hard in many people's opinions because of poor mapping (especially on the earlier levels).

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What is DTS-T? That thing made recently for ZDoom and panned by a crazy forum regular and then by a bandwagon of serious mappers?

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Hey man, it's cool! Haha, trust me.

After seeing Gabrielle's maps, we've noticed ours suffer quite a bit from more problems than just 2.

She had the same comment about rooms being overly big and most areas looking "simple" to put it in a better word.

Hence why it's taken us so long to post an update. We're basically going over all the old maps so far and thinking.. Geez, WTF happened? =P

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printz said:

What is DTS-T? That thing made recently for ZDoom and panned by a crazy forum regular and then by a bandwagon of serious mappers?

Essentially. There may have been some bandwagoning but I think a lot of the criticism was valid; DTS-T had some quality, inspired moments but also a shitton of mediocre to bad mapping.

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