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my goal is to create a set of monsters that will attack both the player and other monsters that don't belong in theyr set.

an example: a turret that will shot either a zombie or the player, depending on who is nearer to the turret.

this is fundamental for a project of mine (a couple actually), where you can choose 1 of 3 factions or just join none of them, but i can't figure out how to code it in decorate.

i tryed several methods that unfortunatly works only if there are 2 factions, not 3 or 4 as i want it to be.

any suggestions?

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OP was almost a year ago but I would use acs on a doom in hexen format map. Give all monsters and player a TID so you can get their locations every tick to calculate who's closest to the turret, and check if its the desired species. Then probably thing_face (or whatever function) and just spawn a projectile to shoot from the turret.

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Well its great to see questions answered I know it was from a year ago but I was hoping for an answer too. I'm pretty new at doom modding. Got most things in doombuilder figured out starting with wad editing now with slade.

Scripting is a must for me but at the moment I know next to nothing about it.


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