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Happy New Year everyone!

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Joshy said:

I've been there! :D (not on that night obviously, heh)

Ah ha, that's Taipei 101. I live in New Taipei City(Different from Taipei), but not near 101.

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Here's wishing a happy New Year to all of you, hope it's one filled with more ups than downs.

Right now I'm sipping a vodka tonic, smoking a cigarette, listening to Tom Waits and relaxing. So far this year is off on the right foot.

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darknation said:

oooooo fuck my head

Yeah same here...but not for the same reasons I assume..Im sick..(Cold)...Just in time for the new year..YaY!!

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DuckReconMajor said:

looks nervously to the left and right
runs away

LOL, my new laptop which I got for Christmas allows me to run DOOM at 1280*800 widescreen, even though I was more than happy enough to see it running at 1024*768 on the old one. :p

Anyways, have a happy "Recovery From Drunkenness" day!

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Can't make of what be done trippin det be up window make no way for sure to frost mates.

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Philnemba said:

I like to wish every Doomworld resident a Happy New Year!


Happy 2013, my fellow Doomers!!

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Happy (late) New Year!

Oh, and I hope for those Doomers who lit up fireworks didn't had any accidents...

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