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Grain of Salt

Check thing ID (or the order in which things were created) in Doombuilder 2

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I have a collection of things (including player starts) which aren't doing what they're supposed to do. Since I know their behaviour varies depending on what order I create them in Doombuilder (as player starts ordinarily do, but also in other ways), I'd like to check the "Thing IDs" for these objects in an old version where they do work properly, but I can't find a way to do that in my current version of Doombuilder for some reason. Is there a way to check this thing property in Doombuilder, and if so, how do I get to it?

(I'm not sure if "thing ID" is what it's actually called, but it's something like that. The unique number assigned to each thing as it's created in DB.)

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Yeah, I thought it would be something like that. I haven't seen that panel thing in years, and I pretty much forgot it even existed. Thanks.

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Grain of Salt said:

I haven't seen that panel thing in years

Really? But it is so useful! You point at a linedef/sector/thing and can immediately see its properties.

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Well it's really big and my screen isn't very tall.

Oh, and as it turns out, the thing number had nothing to do with my problem. I don't even know what's happening now. -_-

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