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The Lost Little Ogre

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Kamila and I were playing Quake the other night on Nightmare in Episode 1, Map 4 The Grizzly Grotto and we've always wondered why on the skills 'Hard" and up, you can only get 58 of the 59 monsters.

Kamila refers to this is the lost ogre bug, with women being more motherly and all, she's nice to the gross beast. I call it the COWARD ogre bug.

Anyway, differences aside. We decided to fly around in no clip mode and indeed, there is a lone ogre in a spawn box who never comes out. We alerted him and went back into the world to see where he would pop up but, he just stayed in his box going bonkers.

Anyone else notice this or been bugged by it?

Food for thought, anyway.


Little Temple Group

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It's the Makron as his previous self hiding from Quake Guy so he can plot the events before Quake 2 happens.

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Clearly, s/he is an Ogre Manager, who prefers to delegate the chainsawing and grenade-lobbing to Intern Ogres who work for nothing but rust chips and referrals.

Dream big, Intern Ogres. Dream big...

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I bet completionists hate that level.

Being a completionist myself, I Have No 100%, and I Must Frag. How do the speedrunners kill him anyways?

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