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Can't find a monster I want..

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Am trying to find foximps for my project am working on.I wasted hours on the internet trying to find their resource wads and nothing anywhere!
The only place I came close to was a thread in zdoom forums were people were donating monsters to realm667 and the link to download them is DEAD!

I need help and permission to use them, they are my favorite imp variant.

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I tried it and don't know where to start. Am bare bones when it comes to ripping stuff out of wads. I will try it again and see what happens. Thanks for helping!

edit: I ripped him out and having a real hard time getting him to appear in gzdoom builder. I have its DECORATE GLDEFS SNDINFO copied to the wad am using to load as a resource. I do not have a clue what am doing wrong..

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Did also copy the DECORATE for NeoDoomImp?

FoxImp inherits from NeoDoomImp.
NeoDoomImp inherits from DoomImp.
DoomImp is defined in the engine.

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