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Skulltag in Zandronum?

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Is it possible to play Skulltag in Zandronum? As in playing the Mortal Conflict, Tournament of the Damned, and The Impending Nightmare in Single player mode like you used to be able to with skulltag? I've tried loading the skulltag.pk3 and skulltag_data.pky as well as Skulltag_actors. All 3 and in different loading orders but can't get it to work.

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You need to load skulltag_actors.pk3 before skulltag_data.pk3. If you want the announcer voice you'll have to load that as well.

There's no longer a built in option to select the Mortal Conflict, Tournament of the Damned, or The Impending Nightmare when you select new game. You have to select "multiplayer", then "offline skirmish". In this screen you must choose the game mode and map number, as well as the difficulty you want. I think the invasion levels are listed as D2INV1 and up and the deathmatch levels are listed as D2DM1 and up.

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