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Retro-Doom Project

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Retro-Doom is a project I'm starting up where people can submit Doom wads based on old video games. (Dos,Classic Nintendo, you get it.) When enough maps are submitted and playtested, they will of course be put into the MegaWAD which will be, of course, Retro-doom. I have no idea if this will be successful or not, so don't expect any "glorious worshiping over your map.

The Specific Shit:
- Preferably, Doom in Hexen format, but others work fine.
- Add co-op and deathmatch starts.
- Custom midis are allowed.
- Custom textures are HIGHLY recommended for various reasons.

Map Sumbitting:
Just post the maps on this thread. A readme with details (Level name, soundtrack, etc.) Limit (for now) 2 maps a person. ___________________________________
=====MAPS SO FAR=====

/*/The list of maps will go here as they're entered\*\


Thanks for checking this out, hope you like the final result, or have fun participating.

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There was a similar project idea before, I can remember. Sadly, after some screenshots, it disappeared, so I doubt that this one can be successfull.

But I'm not evil. I hope the best for you =)

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Well I've been wanting to to make maps based on the texturing from the gameboy Wario Land games like the "Warped Void" level from Wario Land 3 with the weird rock texture and every other texture made to look less 8-bit and more like a Doom texture, I could work on it for this but only if other people besides me want to contribute to this project, otherwise I'll do what I said for myself as originally intended.

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