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Doomsday released

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A bug fix release for the recent Doomsday 1.9.10 has been made:

  • Map Renderer: Secret exit switch coords in DOOM E3M6
  • OpenAL: Compilation failure with integer conversion in 64-bit build
  • Fatal exception about failure to get a lock (bug in de::Lockable)
  • Handle exception if failed to open log output file (e.g., starting a second instance of Doomsday when running a dedicated server on the same machine)

Download the new release from here.

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Just removed old version, installed this one. Now I get an error that stops it dead before it even loads. According to the .log file, it dies when looking for "...\winfury.wad". What/where is this fabled "winfury.wad"?

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"winfury.wad" is not part of Doomsday. This sounds like an add-on you installed at some point which for some reason can no longer be found.

Was the Doomsday frontend open at the time you installed? (If you had installed using Doomsday's built in updater then it would have prevented you from doing that).

It may be easier to uninstall, clear out the contents of your home folder (e.g., C:\Users\pming\Documents\Doomsday Frontend on Windows 7/8) manually and then re-install.

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