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General Rainbow Bacon

Need pack of good midis

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I'm building some maps right now, but most of the video game music I've taken from vgmusic.com is way to bouncy for the style levels I'm making, can anyone suggest some good places for those slower, or at least, more doomy midis?


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The best places are other wads of course.

I'm slowly going through the whole vgmusic archive, picking out the midis that I think might be appropriate for Doom levels. Contact me 10 years later and I'll send you my list.

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You could look at Bob Reganess's System Vices. It contains 19 new original musics (1-17, 34 and 35), and the author grants permission for them to be used (with credit).

If you're wondering why there are more musics than levels in this wad, it's because he included all the tracks that he had made for other wads. I guess it was kind of a magnum opus. Those made for Shoreleave might be too bouncy for your purposes.

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Pedro VC said:

You can go to Ultimate Guitar (or other site) , download some guitar pro tabs and convert them to midi.

I'd second this, in addition to places already mentioned. I've found the forums there to be a surprisingly good source of original midi recently.

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