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How do i make custom screens that look like the standard ones?

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I want to make a custom screen for use in DOOM, but how do i make it look like this?


I mean how do i make it have that font? I want to make it look like that, i have seen those custom screens with that standard font in alotsa mods but still does someone know how do i make my custom screen look like that one in the link?

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DoomWord (that's not a typo for Doomworld); or you can use some image editing program and build it yourself from the letters found in Doom.

You can also export the DBIGFONT from zdoom.pk3 into a PNG and use that to get all the letters in a single convenient package.

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My preferred tool is Bitmap Font Writer, the author's site died a couple of years ago but it's still available for download from the Internet Archive. There's also a set of Doom fonts you can download from here - unzip them into "Program Files\Bitmap Font Writer\fonts", select the font you want to use, set the image spacing (in Settings) to -1 to recreate the slight overlap of the original fonts and you'll be ready to go.

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