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General Rainbow Bacon

how to change text in intermission screens

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The map names displayed in the intermission screens are graphics, named WILVxy in Doom/UD, and CWILVyy in Doom II/Final Doom. Where x is episode minus 1, and y is level minus 1 too. E.g., E1M1 is WILV00, E4M9 is WILV38, MAP01 is CWILV00, and MAP32 is CWILV31. Exception: the secret Xbox level in Ultimate Doom has a name patch of SEWERS rather than WILV something. Yet Betray does use CWILV32.

Ports such as ZDoom allows to define a text string in their MAPINFO feature or equivalent, instead of a picture. It will then be used to draw the level's name without having to create a graphic for that.

Of course, you might want to use the graphic so as to make fanciful stuff in it, such as adding the map author's name, or the soundtrack's name, or a bit of storyline, etc. I think you can make the graphic up to 320x200, occupying the whole screen...

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