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Lila Feuer

Berserk Pinkies (Chocolate Doom)

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When restoring a game (F3) of Ultimate Doom on -fast I noticed the pinky demons become impossibly fast and kill you instantly, one even managed to lock up the game. What's going on? OS is Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit, 1.7.0 version of ChocoDoom.

The bug first happened when I died on E3M2: Slough of Despair and reloading the save from the beginning of the level a pinky instantly appeared when I shot at another enemy and chomped me into a bloody mess before I could even realize what the hell happened. This bug makes it that I cannot safely restore a game I've noticed if there are any pinky demons (or possibly spectres) still on the level before you finish because they glitch out and go berserk.

Has this got anything to do with the fact I launch ChocoDoom with -episode 3 -skill 4 -fast and then reload the savegame which corrupts the pinky demons' behavior?

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Ah, that makes sense then, I would've never known because I never play(ed) -fast before and out of sheer boredom wanted to make the original game difficult again, I must admit the pinkies have become really frightening (especially spectres) and are dangerous as hell to have a rocket launcher at the ready. But when that bug occurred I nearly fell out of the chair!

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