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Aubrey Hodges

Doom 64 Official Soundtrack Release!

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I have just released the Official Doom 64 Soundtrack.

It's HUGE! Several hours of some of the creepiest stuff I have ever written. Also...the bonus tracks are very slick for this one and will be ready to download on Sunday.

You can find it here:


This is the highest quality possible and the source files are loseless 44k Stereo .wav files. I will add a few bonus tracks to the download area for this soundtrack in the next few days)



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Oh very cool! I've been waiting for this :D. I'll have to grab a copy soon.

Thanks a ton for doing this for us fans Aubrey!

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I love listening to this sound track while playing other games with a gloomy theme. Thank you so much for addressing my concerns from earlier Aubrey.

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DustFalcon85 said:

Just sent support@bandcamp.com an email of the expired link for the updated Doom 64 soundtrack that has the "Crystalline Chaos" fix.

I have set the price of that track to free. So go ahead and re-download it. I will leave it that way for a few weeks to allow everyone time to get the corrected track.


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