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Hello all,

I am currently making a mod that I have put ACS into. I have used the HUDMESSAGE command to display the title of the map upon start up of the level.

My question is, how would I get the HUDMESSAGE command to be executed in certain instances? (Like when the player walks over a flagged linedef, the text is executed then and ONLY then.) (The flag is #80 - Execute Script, 6 is the ID number of my script)

Currently this is what I have:

HUDMSG_LOG | HUDMSG_FADEOUT, 6, CR_PURPLE, 1.5, 0.8, 5.0, 0.05, 2.0);

I can get the text to appear when the player walks over the flagged linedef, however, this message also appears upon start up of the level.

How do I make it so that the message only appears when the player walks over the flagged linedef?

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My guess is you have:
script 1 open
script 1 enter
that makes them start automatically when opening the map or when a player enters:

script 1 (void)
and it won't run automatically until something executes it

(going from memory so might be wrong)

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Thank you very much mork, that works perfectly. I wasn't aware that there was any other way to open a script besides OPEN or ENTER.

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