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Joining various wads into one single wad file, HOW?

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Hello doom builders! I wanna create my own megawad and I know how to create maps but my problem is: when I open the Doombuilder where do I start?

Nº1 - Shall I open doom2.wad and modify the maps?
Nº2 - shall I choose "new map" and use doom2.wad as the primary resource?

If I choose Nº2 shall I go to "new map" for my second map, too? If so, imagine that I named my first maps as "MAP01.wad" and "MAP02.wad", I've got two wads now, each one with a map how do I join them to make ONE single wad file?

Note that doom2.wad is not the only resource that I wanna use, my problem is how do I join various wads into ONE single wad file.

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In Doom Builder 2 you can also take two or more of your own previously made maps and 'save into' a new map set.

If your serious about WADing though, you'll eventually want to use Slade 3 in conjunction with Doom Builder 2. A intermediate WAD mapper (like myself) can get away with using only these 2 programs (along with a modern source port) to do most anything, short of vanilla limit testing, graphics editing, and midi composing.

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You don't need slade if you make maps only! Just open map02, use "save map into" and choose the file with map 01. the file with map01 will have both maps.

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You'll still want to use SLADE 3 once you want to include custom resources such as new soundtrack, new textures, etc. As well as to place metadata for the maps like a MAPINFO lump.

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MarkAnthony89 said:

Ok, so I cannot modify IWADs. Then I must go to "new map" problem is: how do I join wads...

A couple of years ago I made a movie showing how to merge three pwads with Slade3, when each map was for MAP01.

It may be helpful.

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Well that's more than I was expecting! :) And I'm glad it is, thank you guys for helping me.

I've seen the word "Slade" written in many places (on the internet) but now I know what it is all about, and I didn't know of the "save map into" option, I should've studied doombuilder better, well nevermind!

Well, I'm gonna use that option to join all my maps into one wad file but I'm gonna use Slade too, 'cause I want to add additional textures and skies. :P

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