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Most dreaded maps/wads

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No mentions of Episode 4? The first mission isn't too bad, but by the second one I was dying almost every time I turned a corner (on UV).

I also hate Archviles and any map where the architecture makes it hard to dodge their attack, but unless it's some 1994 wad or troll map there are usually no more than 2 in a room so it's easier to deal with.

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PSX DOOM, even the fan made, if they got what makes PSX.

Alien Vendetta, so damn long maps.

and maps with ghouls, they are just too hard to kill with light weaponary.

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The hardest wad I have ever played is ''speed of doom'' especialy the last 5 maps. (Still didn't complete map 30, because I have no idea how:p)

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