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.bex to .wad

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Start by creating an empty wad file by selecting "New" from the "File" menu and giving the wad a name, it will be opened automatically once created. Import your .bex files, using "Load" from the "Entry" menu. I don't know how well .bex lumps are supported in wads, so you'd best rename one of them "DEHACKED" and copy/paste the other lump's contents into it. Save script when done and close wad (from File menu) before testing.

Why not just merge your .bex files so there's only one to load?

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Once the .bex patches have been imported into XWE they become wad lumps, though being text files means you can copy/paste content between them. The patch you rename "DEHACKED" will have a "Script" menu on the menu bar, the others are considered to be Hex lumps but there's a Save option for them as well in the "Hex" menu.

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I really dont know how. I just open file named file patch.wad, loaded 2 bex files , and one named DEHACKED. And saved scrip. And what now ? Where i find wad ?

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