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Probs with GLBsp

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Hello doomers, I'm stuck with something weird: when I build nodes with glbsp (I can use DB2 and GZDB), walls acts crazy.
If I bump with one of they act like I had NOCLIP activated!
Sorry for my english, but is there somebody that can explain to me this WTF! ? Thanks!

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That sounds like a blockmap problem.

Large maps, especially with many linedefs, can fail to produce a working BLOCKMAP lump since this lump has a limited size and the data overflows (even after blockmap compression).

glBSP can compress the blockmap, but if the size is too large then it reduces the size until it fits, which means linedefs outside the reduced area are not in the blockmap and you can pass through them.

Some source ports will build their own blockmap to avoid this problem. But if you are targetting Vanilla DOOM then the only thing you can do is make the map smaller and/or use less linedefs.

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Ozymandias81 said:

giant maps

That's another potential problem, if parts of maps are more than 32768 map points apart.

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