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Windows 8

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Hey I got y gf a new laptop, comes with windows 8. Can't seem to get doom builder 2 or skull tag to install at all. I open the program an then nothing, they show up in my task manager but I get no GUI or anything? Any tips or help to solve this problem?

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There is no error, I open doom builder 2 install exe (latest version) windows pop up come us saying unrecognised program do u wish to run it, I click yes then nothing happens. I checked my task manager and it says its running and if I open the exe multiple times I get multiple exes in my task manager.

So not sure what's going on?

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zinkai said:

.... So not sure what's going on?

According to Microsoft you should not experience anything out of the ordinary.

I don't use Windows8 myself, so this is going to be a fishing expedition.
Since you did not supply any specifics, let me ask you a few questions:

What version of Windows8? Home, Pro, 32bit, 64bit?

What version of Doombuilder2? The official r1553 from Codeimp's website, or one of Tiger's compilations from DRDteam website?

Where exactly did those programs wind up on the harddrive? Which folder?

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Windows 8 user to the rescue!

DB2 and Zandronum installed just fine for me, alongside several other source ports, including ones that didn't run afterwards due to shitty Intel Win8 beta drivers (Doomsday, GZDoom, Zandronum in GL mode, etc)

If you could give me a full detailed analysis on what you do to install the thing, I could help further.

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I had similar mysterious problems (double click + nothing happening) while I had Windows 7 64-bit in my computer. It was happening with many programs. Then I installed Windows 7 32-bit and things finally worked. But recently I returned to 64-bit by installing Windows 8 Pro. Things still work.

Maybe it was a bug in the installation process?

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Not sure what bit my windows 8 is most prob 32. Ill download the programms againe an see if that makes any difference. As for what I do

-click dl link
-save to downloads
- double click program when finished dl
-wait for eternity

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