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Hell and Back- Alpha

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I'll check this out. BTW can you post some in-game shots? It's hard to tell the quality of levels IMO when the shots are in Doom Builder. Oh that last shot looks good though.

Edit: Just played it, Nazis in the levels... not my cup of tea.

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It seems that the only ZDoom feature that you're using is the ability to place wall textures on the floor and vice versa? Perhaps you could drop it and make this wad compatible with almost every source port? WAD looks cool so far but I'd like to play it in a classic port if possible.

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Pure Hellspawn said:

i did not like the ceiling in the 3rd screenshot. other shots are much better.

hahahah i can't tell if serious or not

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dachauncinator said:

3rd one was the sky texture.

That's one reason why you should post in-game shots whenever possible, distant areas fading to black is another.

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