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Snow spawners

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Hi all,

I am currently attempting to use Tormentors667's custom snow spawners actor. I have a decorate file with the appropriate script in my wad, I also have the snow flake texture I want to use between SS_START and SS_END. Looking at the script, I see no string in which it summons the texture by its name.

I have set the actors in place on my map by using Doom Builder. However, no snow is displayed in-game. Upon booting the game, the GZdoom console flashed these 3 errors which pertain to the script I think:

Tried to register class 'SnowParticle' more than once.
Tried to register class 'SnowSpawner' more than once.
Editor number 10320 refers to hidden class type 'SnowSpawner'

So, how do I get the snow to start falling in-game? If I left any info out, or more is needed, let me know and ill include it in this post.

Thanks in advance!

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Open both, your map and SnowSimple.wad, with Slade3. Then copy SnowSimple.wad into your map and append a DoomEd number in DECORATE to Actor SnowSpawner, such as Actor SnowSpawner 15000.

Then open the combined pwad with the editor and add the snow spawner into the map, several times if needed.

Should work out of the box.

Where or how to apply the mentioned args, as to frequency and area, I do not know. Maybe someone else can shed some light on it.

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Assuming the way the spawner works hasn't changed over the last two years, this example map should help. Apart from giving the SnowSpawner an editor number (SnowParticle doesn't need one since it's called by the spawner), you also need to set arguments for each spawner that's placed on the map. There's a DOCUMENT lump in SnowSimple.wad with basic details on the three arguments involved.

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Hey, thanks for all of your replies, I was out on field work this week and just had the chance to try some of the suggestions you had. I dident know those blank argument fields controlled anything. But I got everything to work smoothly and be aesthetically pleasing.


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