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Somethin' weird

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Hello doomers, this post may contain some weird contents.
The fact is that if I run GZDoom 1.6- with my PC (AMDII 2core 3ghz - NVIDIA nForce 630a 256mbv integrated, Win7U, 4gb ram etc.) shaders like warp effects will work perfectly.
But with 1.7+ I must turn off these shaders because warp effects never work again and with sprites like SpiritImp monsters I get weird effects like sprites were badly resized or something like that.

I think that there is something wrong with the compiling process, but I hope that somebody can tell me more about this WTF! problem.

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Ozymandias81 said:

..... I think that there is something wrong with the compiling process, .....

That may be possible but is not very likely.

The NVIDIA chipset 630a is used with the older Geforce 6, 7 and 8 series.
Which means that you have a video adapter from a large pool of video adapters.
To find out which one is in your laptop you could run GPU-Z or Piriform Speccy.
Once you know which one you have, install a newer video driver.

In other cases like this, installing a newer driver solved the problem.
However, given the age of your laptop, other problems may have arisen.

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