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HUD Mods?

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I was wondering if anyone can recommend some great HUD mods that just change the default HUD? Are there any? I've done some searching and haven't found any I liked. Or do most people just make them WAD specific?

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Shadow Hog said:

That first one (HUD.zip) reminds me a lot of Deus Ex, funnily enough.

Heh, that's great because I actually took Deus Ex as an inspiration.

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*sigh* Its a shame that ZDoom still doesnt have a way you can switch between HUDs..

It should be simple to be able to put different hud wads into the skins folder and choose between them in the HUD options.

There wasnt even a final answer from the developers when I suggested it to them.. Not even moved into the closed feature suggestions. Just left to rot.

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