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Improvising with doom 2 music on guitar .

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Not bad. Practice more and you could be awesome.

I don't know what the going rate for tutors is in Israel, but assuming you're self-taught you might also want to think about getting some tuition. A tutor can help you correct some of the mistakes you're making which result in some things sounding a little sloppy.

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I'm a huge fan of metal, death, black, doom, thrash, you name it I will more than likely enjoy it (that's sub-genres not bands). Yet after years of listening I find "shredding" to be something of a dull affair. I enjoy a good guitar solo, but random speedy trickery doesn't do it for me, simply because it's where everyone starts and I've heard it all. That said, if you stick to learning the guitar, and music, something good will come out of it. What I'm hearing isn't bad. :)

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