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So, how old are you ?

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9 minutes ago, Xyzzy01 said:

Seems "half" don't mean sh*t once you reach the double digits.

Once you reach the double digits, half a year is 5% of your age, and it only gets smaller from there.

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Iam 31 and today I thought: Hey, I have not spent doomword.com a visit in a long time. And here I am, wondering and confused about the new look o.O

Way too old for 'modern' Internet, I think ;)

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On 8/30/2017 at 1:40 AM, bzzrak said:


a n d


h  a  l  f


(minus 2 weeks.)

I think it's funny how some users use their age as an excuse to act foolish, others such as yourself post in a way that I assumed you were around 20 or older.. Kapanyo and CzechMate are two other young chillins who I thought were certainly older than they actually are based on their posting. (I'll refrain from mentioning users I thought were 16 yet are actually much older..)

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I was 25 when I first started playing Doom, and decided that I liked it better than what I had been doing before, and decided to stay.


The year was 1995 tho ...


so I'm not really that different, right?


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22, with 25 years experience.


“...inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened.” - Terry Pratchett

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1995 was the year of my birth funnily enough :) I am 22 now and have only been playing doom for a couple of months, wish I would have found out about it a lot sooner though lol, I mean I knew about doom 2016 but I didn't know that much about classic doom until recently, and I have already gotten into map making :D

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2 hours ago, bemused said:

Halfway to being sent off to a retirement home and receiving a free bus pass :(

Who complains about free stuff?  This fucking guy....

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6 hours ago, Aldaraia said:

Old enough to get a better deal on car insurance.

Hmm, to think of the money I would have saved if I never insured my car.


In case I haven't already replied, I'm 28 turning 29 on the 19th of October.

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Currently 22. Although I may have thought as a child incorrectly that becoming an adult'd be a good thing, of course, it's lies...

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