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GLnode non-sector based lighting

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Hi all,

I am trying to use Glnode lighting in a map of mine. This lighting looks very akin to bloom lighting (circular with faded out edge). In trying to implement this feature, I have attempted to reverse engineer how it works by opening up other wads which have said lighting. The only thing that I noticed was a GLNODE file, which when viewed as text appeared as gibberish.

If you need me to post an image to better explain the type of lighting I am trying to make, let me know and ill add it.

Thanks alot

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GL nodes have nothing to do with lighting. They're just nodes that are compatible with the needs of OpenGL renderers -- which is to say, they are stricter than Doom's nodes.

More likely, what was used were dynamic lights.

GZDoom doc
Doomsday doc

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I see that the PointLight class is already defined and that I dont need to add it to decorate; yet I see no thing on the doombuilder menu called "PointLight".

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If you aren't using a GZDoom config, it's not surprising. You can get the editor numbers from the wiki, though.

In DB2, loading gzdoom.pk3 as a resource file should also add them automatically if they are truly missing from the config.

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