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ScoreDoom Double Impact Weekend 1/26/13-1/27/13

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Double Impact is a modern take on Doom's "Knee Deep in the Dead". It is much more difficult and has a high monster count. It is a modern classic. If you enjoy survival and co-op play, Scoredoom adds a simple but deep scoring system to make Doom's co-op more arcade-like and competitive. You will also need the Ultimate Doom IWAD and the latest version of ScoreDoomST from the download page. For more information on how to use ScoreDoomST, its launcher IDESD, and how to reset scores in-game, please check out the ScoreDoomST FAQ. If you have headphones and mic, we are using TeamSpeak 3. Check out the News page on scoredoom.com for more information. Two servers are running all weekend, but we will try to meet for the following time. If you cannot join on port 10666, try port 10667.

Date: Sunday, January 27th, 2013
Session: 10:00PM GMT (4:00PM EST)
WAD: dbimpact.wad
Maps: 9 (e1m1-e1m9)
Mode: ScoreDoom Co-Op
Pointlimit: First to 100,000 points wins.
Server:, port 10667 for regular monsters, port 10666 for custom Add-On Pack monsters and powerups.
Players: 8 per server

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