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Ascent from Hades: Irreversibly got rid of?

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The story of my map Ascent from Hades (E4M1) dates back to December 2011, when I've made a "speed"map (actually taking about 3 days, but that's relatively quick) trying to contribute to the DTWiD project whether it would contain an alternate TFS episode. However, not much attention was paid for it, since I was promising bullshit beforehead and I've done it only after the deadline and release date.

The real problem is in association with my terrible blunder made (in June/July 2009) concerning Doomep47 E4M1, when in Doom Builder, I'd overwritten the E4M1 slot in the original Doom IWAD (I didn't have any ports at the meantime and wasn't sure about how to run self-made maps), but then I failed at testing it with the original .exe, so I gave up trying to play that sh*t by all means. However, I still had the Hell Beneath level removed, and so, when Ascent from Hades was made, I put it in the slot of the IWAD, having no better chance to fix the lack of the original E4M1. In March 2012, I repurchased both UD and Doom II (since I had also tried to test that E4M1 - renamed as MAP01 - whether it can be ran in Doom II, only to have the same results as the UD testing). This resulted in having deleted Doom.wad along with that E4M1 map of which I've posted the download link beforehead in the DTWiD thread.

My question is: has anyone downloaded that map? It was uploaded separately, and I deleted it only after having put into the old, modified IWAD. I'm interested, but not sure at all, whether there were anybody so concerning that saved Ascent from Hades.

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As far as I remember, it was "Ascent from Hades" too, because I didn't make any inside changements (did enough while vandaling through that poor IWAD!) to represent the true title.

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