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Eris Falling

Calculating map data

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Recently I got into a muddle with calculating the number of vertices in a map (so I could add it to Doom Wiki articles).
I was told that the actual number of vertices in a map is calculated as follows:

Vertices Lump size / 4 
Since Doom Builder 2 can display the correct number of other things such as linedefs, all is well.
Except for a selection of maps (Knee Deep in ZDoom) which are so big, Doom Builder 2 crashes upon trying to open them.

So I've been looking up how to calculate Sidedefs, Linedefs, Things and Sectors without DB2 - Statistics mode.

From what I can work out:
Sidedefs - Lump size / 30
Sectors - Lump size / 26
Things - Lump size / 10
Indeed, those sums do give out round numbers, so I'm fairly sure they're right, but do correct me if I'm wrong.

The problem is linedefs. I saw that ZDoom linedefs are different than those of vanilla, so I assume this is the case for KDiZD.
Nevertheless, I tried calculating KDiZD linedef count both ways:
Vanilla linedefs - Lump size / 14 (gave a decimal number)
ZDoom linedefs - Lump size / 18 (gave a decimal number)
Can someone tell me where I am going wrong? Thanks

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Yes, linedefs in Hexen format have more bytes (for the line special arguments). But isn't it 16 and not 18?

[edit] Oh, and each Hexen thing also has more bytes. It'd be best to go to the Doom wiki and just use the sizes given there.

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Yep. 16

I can't add up, it seems.

EDIT: Yes, Hexen is 20 bytes. Although I did use Doom Wiki, I probably read Heretic as Hexen when I came up with 10.

Thanks! :)

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