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Doom SirenSong Project- Mappers & playtesters wanted!

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Here's a nice challenge for you guys. Try making a whole map, based around a single song. I thought since every other project I've seen in the past month or so,(Save perhaps by Slaughterfest) have had some sort of "artistic" twist to it. So I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and start my own similar project. Being the musical person that I am, it was bound to be something like this.
Now for the technical goodies.

Technical Goodness
Port: Zdoom
Maps per mapper: Infinite.
Custom Textures: Allowed
Deadline: Middle of 2014, or when it's finished.

Send maps to: dachauncinator@gmail.com

Music Format: Midi,.mp3, or .ogg
Genre of music: Doesn't matter, but preferably rock/metal.
To resolve the no mp3 rule of idgames, I'll just convert your mp3's to oggs in audacity, so feel free to still send mp3's.




(Will be added as they're finished.)

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The rules of /idgames doesn't allow to upload WADs that contains .mp3 files. We should use .ogg instead.

Anyway, add me to mappers, I already know a perfect song to it for a while.

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Katamori said:

The rules of /idgames doesn't allow to upload WADs that contains .mp3 files.

While I haven't looked at the wording, I'm fairly sure that's referring to copyrighted material being used without permission, rather than the compression format.

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Khorus: oh, yes, you are right. I just read the full text:

Bloodshedder said in /newstuff and /idgames FAQ:

What will be rejected?
MP3s/OGGs in WADs, unless it can be verified that the creation is original, and ideally is intended for the specific WAD file.

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walter confalonieri said:

just a think i've got in mind: why this projects doesn't use even .mod, .xm, .s3m and .it audio files over the other zdoom audio compatible files?

Because, at least to my knowledge, those are quite a bit obscure.

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I've figured out the song and idea to use and I'm going to get started on my map tomorrow.


Its going to be based on/around Fear Factory : Designing the Enemy if anyone wants to know

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