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Having issues getting a wad to show up. Please help.

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I'll get straight to it

First of all, I'm using GZDoom, and I have every Doom game and then some, minus the recent BFG edition.

Anyways, for some reason I can't seem to get IWADs to show up in the list.

For example, I downloaded this level:


and put everything in the IWAD Folder, but it's not selectable from the list when I try to start gzdoom.

Any ideas people?

Thank you for your time.

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Provided that you have a directory /GZDOOM with the .exe _and_ the IWADs in it, by default the port should ask you which IWAD to use when you start the game.
Otherwise, provided that - for example - you have a generic "custompwad.wad" for DOOM ][ in the same directory, use the following command line:

gzdoom.exe -iwad DOOM2.wad -file custompwad.wad

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Assuming you've extracted ACHERON.WAD from its zip file - drag-n-drop it onto GZDoom.exe, select Ultimate Doom when prompted for an IWAD and use the cheat code IDCLEV13 to jump to the map (it's E1M3).

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Superrpgman said:

gzdoom is an unknown command

You're probably attempting to run GZDoom from outside its folder. If it's in the same folder as your IWADs and you're running Vista or Win7 - hold down a Shift key and right-click on that folder, select "Open command window here" from the context menu and type the following at the command prompt -

gzdoom.exe -iwad doom.wad -file acheron.wad -warp 1 3
That'll take you straight to the map, the "-warp 1 3" option serves the same purpose as the cheat code.

as is the chear code.

It has to be entered while GZDoom is running.

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You know what? when you say command, you don't actually mean console command, like I thought you did, right?

Please, tell me what you mean by command, and where exactly I put thest commands.

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We're meaning CMD commands - those you can type in the MS-DOS like Command Prompt you get by doing what GreyGhost said. :-)

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The simplest way is to put a shortcut to gzdoom (that's the gzdoom.exe file in your gzdoom folder) on to your desktop then drag and drop any pwad that you want to play on to the shortcut. Gzdoom will ask which iwad you wish to use, eg Ultimate Doom or Doom 2. Select the correct one for the map or wad you wish to play and off you go.

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