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Doom 3: Phobos

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56 minutes ago, DoomUK said:

I *HATED* it in Doom 3 and I kind of wish you could dial it back a little, or remove it completely. Maybe there's a simple command line to adjust it, it's been so long since I played Doom 3 that I can't remember. 

g_doublevision 0 

should remove screen jerking and leave only red tint.

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On 12/4/2018 at 2:23 PM, Boilers! said:

Was path of the UAC employee, that used PC with order of cat poster, intentionally set up to make him unexpectedly appear behind player while he reads that order?


Nope, unintentional consequence of his AI path. It will be fixed in future versions.

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I'm not against story in my shooters. I love the bonkers storyline in the new Wolfenstein games. I just need the story to have some impact, and I'm not feeling like it's up to an acceptable standard to be worth interrupting the slaying mechanic of Doom. I'm only half way through chapter two, so I can't really pass judgement, but that's what I'm feeling about what I've seen so far.

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Finished it, and what can I say that hasn't been already said about it, though if I may suggest something it's the ability to skip the cutscenes, you know the ones where you're talking via the communication device or in your Room, I found the story kind of uninteresting to be honest. the outdoor area in the Train ride section looks awesome I'd love to be able to explore it, maybe in future episodes?


This room in Chapter 3, I didn't know I was supposed to climb through that hole, apparently you have to stop the gas leak to be able to climb through it, but I did that before reaching the Room so I didn't know that's where the gas leak was. I tried jumping to it 2 times but I got blocked by a physics object so I was unable to climb through it and assumed it was the wrong way, I spent about 15 minutes running around the map thinking I missed a spot or something until I eventually went back to that Room and retried and suddenly I hear ladder climbing sound, maybe give a hint to the player to climb there? like an objective or something more than the character saying "This must be why the alarm was set off"





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There are a couple of areas I've found you can go into, usually with the flat glass blocking them off. There are the shops at the beginning of Chapter 2, and the basketball court (complete with physiced-up basketball!). You have to strike the glass several times with your hand to break the glass, then you can crouch and enter some of them. Others don't allow access even if you crouch. 

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1 hour ago, tempdecal.wad said:

maybe give a hint to the player to climb there?


I thought the conveniently stacked boxes and the big hole in the ceiling were enough of a giveaway ;)

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I got stuck twice because of a physics object like I said, I was unable to climb through it and assumed it was the wrong way, I don't know maybe remove that physics object altogether to avoid such cases.

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As of right now I have finished Phobos E1 twice so it might be the time to share some of my impressions. Good but flawed is probably the best way I can describe it at the moment.

I really like the mix of fast-paced action and slower exploration / storytelling bits. To some it might seem a bit jarring but I enjoy and appreciate that very much. There's something really interesting about having some of those scenes from the past and such - the contrast between the violent action and peaceful scenes with down-to-earth problems. The final scene is intriguing and I hope there'll be more of that in future episodes. I'm really interested in the story behind the whole thing. I'm already kind of trying to figure out if there's anything I might have missed about it and thinking about what might happen later.

With that said I gotta say I'm not a fan of all of those references to everything that ever inspired you. I don't like it when creators do that because it somewhat makes their work feel a bit fake which doesn't do wonders to immersion. In mean, I can't agree on Life is Strange but SOMA is freaking amazing so I can see where you're coming from. But you already kind of reference it anyway through the plug-in / plug-out communication with Miles so all those names and quotes feel unnecessary to me. Not a huge deal of course, just something I noticed.

I have to echo the complaints about writing and voice acting though, especially when it comes to the protagonist. A lot of his dialogs and reactions feel really unnatural, "read this line and act really surprised" kind of thing. A lot of it sounds like nothing anyone would ever say. I think the best part was actually the very final scene which felt the most natural out of the whole mod.

I also don't quite understand what is the deal with Miles. She can get really emotional when talking to the protagonist but since we don't know anything about their relationship it just makes it look kind of weird. She doesn't really sound like a special agent she's supposed to be.

Visuals are one of the strong points of Phobos. Most of it feels like a more "civilized" version of areas from D3 - they look different, sometimes maybe too different, but overally that gives them their own personality - they're not just more of the same like Lost Mission, for instance. I really like all the little details scattered around desks and such (though apparently none of the employees clean after themselves), it makes the place feel more real and, for me, kind of fills the space left by the absence of audiologs.

In terms of gameplay I think Phobos does a decent job at making D3 more fast-paced with the inclusion of a rapid fire pistol, a better shotgun (even though the ultra-fast fire rate looks bizzare and the shotgun reload animation isn't very good) and unlimited stamina - though you could have added an always run option because there's hardly any reason to go slowly during combat (unlike for exploration). But I don't understand why did you completely remove recoil from the machinegun. It feels really weird compared to all the other weapons because it's unnaturally stable and the screen doesn't shake at all when firing. Levels themselves are fine, I had fun moving around and exploring, there's enough diversitiy to keep things fresh and exciting. I obviously wish we had more of them but it is what it is.

Regarding sounds, I don't know if it's just me but it seems like either the gun sounds are too loud or the dialogs are too quiet because I constantly had to fiddle with the volume slider depending on whether I was in combat or listening to conversations.

I kind of like it that some of the monsters are faster this time around - it works with the the more powerful shotgun, faster movement and unlimited stamina. It takes a few moments to get used to it but in general it does a good job at increasing the pace of combat. I do however have mixed feelings about the 'classic' features such as glowing red eyes on Imps or a pinkish tone of the Demons. I mean, it's nothing too extreme but that's like a very very mild version of what id did with DOOM Eternal by bringing back the original monster designs. It just feels unnecessary. Other than that it's pretty cool. I'm looking forward to when more powerful monsters appear in future episodes.

Not sure why people complained about the difficulty. Once you realize that you have to be more aggressive, run around more and such it really isn't excessive. I guess maybe some folks were caught off guard because Phobos throws a lot more enemies at the time than D3.

As I said before I enjoyed the ending. The new Pain Elemental looks really cool (definitely better than the cartoony abomination from Eternal), too bad the fight is kind of easy - if you pull out the Chaingun you can kill everything very quickly so it doesn't really feel like a final fight at the end of a chapter. The final scene was probably my favourite out of the entire mod so far though.

There are some technical issues as well. The game doesn't save my video settings, there's this game-crashing button in the second room (how did that even make it there?). There are some smaller things like the fact that when you break that classic DOOM lamp the light still remains. In general I'm really happy that this thing is finally out and that it's not lost forever because it'd be a huge waste if that project was cancelled. I enjoyed it, there are some questionable decisions and elements there but what can you do. I'm personally looking forward to the rest of the mod so congrats on the release and hopefully the other episodes come out in a not too terribly distant future.

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