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Doom Legacy PSP

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I don't know if anyone here can help with this, but seeing I don't know where else to ask this seems to be the best place.

Anyways, for anyone familiar with the Doom Legacy PSP port, I thought that I'd add some music so when I play it there's, well, music. However, since adding it Doom 2 doesn't seem to start properly and the game freezes and crashes whenever I try to exit a level through the exit button. I guess music isn't working as it claimed, so should I just remove the music files or is there some fix to this? Maybe I'm just running an older version.

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If it wasn't converted to MUS format before adding it to the wad, possibly give that a try. I vaguely recall older versions of Legacy (which the PSP port might be based off, not sure) were a bit iffy around the regular midi format.

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The PSP Port disables those completely it seems. The way it is setup is that you have a separate music folder that asks for MP3 files (Though other extensions may work too, I don't know) named in a format like 'song1.mp3, song2.mp3, etc.'

THe actual intructions from the Readme:

In order for the music to work, MP3s must be placed in this folder, in the following format. For your convenience, this is the list of songs it looks for, and when it looks for them. If you want the original music for the game, I have already compiled a music pack (PSPLegacyMusicPack.zip) as a separate download.

song1.mp3 - DOOM: E1M1
- Plutonia: MAP17, MAP29
song2.mp3 - DOOM: E1M2
- Plutonia: MAP01
song3.mp3 - DOOM: E1M3
- Plutonia: MAP02
song4.mp3 - DOOM: E1M4
- Plutonia: MAP04

Again, I might be shooting at nothing here seeing that I may require someone who may of directly worked on the PSP port, unless I misunderstood something in your post, which I could've.

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Not familiar with a PSP version of DoomLegacy. It is not in our repository. There are some european groups that convert our stuff, and one that uses the X-windows version.
Wesley Johnson - Doom Legacy development team.

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Clonehunter said:

unless I misunderstood something in your post, which I could've.

Nope, my post was just a hunch. Didn't even know it supported mp3 format. Seems you'll need someone more knowledgeable on the port.

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