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Welp my mouse died.

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Crap. My usb mouse died.

It says it can't recognize the device.
I think this is due to it being dropped yesterday.
I have another wireless one somewhere. Yet I can't find it.

The only other one I have is a ball mouse for me old pc that doesn't work well.

What kind of scrolly things do you guys use? I use a laptop so a wired mouse that's not usb is out of the question.

I need to find the other one or I'm screwed. I don't want to use my little scoll pad to play doom.

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You're making this sound scarier than it is. Besides, using the touchpad for a couple days can make you awesome at keyboard shortcuts.

For my big PC I always have a nice gaming mouse. The one I have now is a Logitech G500. Not sure if they make them anymore. I like mice with lots of buttons and scroll wheels that scroll in more directions and can be unlocked.

My laptop mouse is just a little Microsoft wireless one. My brother gave it to me one day when he appropriated the previous mouse I was using. I don't know where he found this little one, but I like it a lot. It's easy on batteries too. I replace the battery once or twice a year.

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I have a Logitech wireless mouse that has xtra buttons on there. I dunno what one it is as my memory doesn't go that far back and the info is all worn off the bottom. I have masking tape holding the battery door in place since that broke a couple years ago. lol.

I also have a Microsoft Arc Touch that I got at Christmas but I never tried it yet... I prefer a mouse with a few more buttons than that thing has. hmmm.

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£5 mice ftw.

Seriously, I don't get the appeal of mice with hundreds of buttons. If you're too lazy too press backspace or click the back button in your browser, something is amiss. Even in games and other apps, I've never felt like my mouse should have more than 3 buttons.

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