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How to add footstep sounds into a wad?

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I'm trying to import some footstep sounds in a wad so that in game, while the player is walking through the map, you will hear footsteps. I have all the footstep sounds but I just can't get it to work. Would I have to do something with the TERRAIN lump? Something with the DECORATE lump? I'm having some trouble with this and help would be greatly appreciated.

Just for an example, you have probably played Zombie Horde over Zandronum. While you are walking, you will hear your footsteps each time you move through the map.

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Some of ZDoom projects used TERRAIN to include an "oof" sound when actor lands on a terrain, "falling" from a higher ground. That meant the footsteps could only be heard when soemone is walking down the stairs. RTC-3057 did that.

I haven't seen this properly done in any projest yet (tho' I haven't played ZDoom wads in a looong time), but I remember a few years ago people generally agreed that the only way you can do this, is to make a walking actor "drop invisible projectiles" each step it takes. Those projectiles have very short lifespan and when they hit the ground the sound is played (the short lifespan is there so you don't get footsteps when actor is flying / jumping).

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