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music & doom wad association

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I was sitting in my living room browsing through my ipod and playing it through the stereo to listen to some bands I haven't listened to in a while. Some of the albums I pulled up dragged up some very distinct memories of certain rooms or maps in some doom wads even without having played them for years.

As I'm listening to this band called Soil of Ignorance, I'm revisiting a large circular room I remember being rather puzzled on in one of the later maps of 1KILLTNG.wad. After listening to some certain songs from Left for Dead, I'm revisiting the last level of 32in nails by Eternal. After listening to the last couple songs of The Swarm, I'm now on map15 of tnt evilution,

I'm pretty sure this is because when I first got these albums, the first thing I did was play doom with them as background music. But I'm remembering places in these wads really distinctly, compared to trying to remember wads naturally on my own without the aid of music. Like I can remember what monsters were on the map, the colors and pattern of the textures in the rooms, etc.

Anybody else have this kinda experience? I wonder if I can use this to my advantage and listen to some new music on wads I know I'm gonna like in advance, then listen to it while mapping to really help draw some creativity out of me.

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My memories of sound and vision are sometimes mixing pretty much - recently I made a map while listening to a set of songs and every location I'm in reminds me of a certain song. And that's not limited to songs, one of the outer walls reminds me of my grandfather's ranting, and when I see certain 1994ish map, I remember a dialogue from gothic 2 (my brother was playing on another computer).
I'm not sure how can it be useful and especially I don't know what subconscious associating wads you like with maps you're making (If I understood correctly) has to do with creativity.

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I totally know what you are writing there. Often I remember stuff that happened many years ago when I just run trough some maps or other games that I used to play during that time

Also, I played Plutonia excessively during a very dark and hopeless months. Well, I still start to feel a little uneasy and depressed when I walk trough the first maps.

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