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Videos of first time playing Doom

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Superrpgman's recent posts about playing E1-3 for the first time made me think there should be a place for people to link and discuss first-plays of Doom, so here it is.

I'll list the ones I know.

Tyrantking10: both PSX Dooms and emulated Doom 64 (there's also a Doom 64 Ex playthrough but that's not the blind one)

Semi-blind Ultimate Doom by OverTheGun. He played a long time ago but forgot a lot. Also mouselooks and jumps, but that gets him into some amusing trouble.

Doom 64 absolution by darkchaosrenamon. Warning: starts playing mostly bad music in some of the later levels when he can't handle the creepy Doom 64 music.

Just found:

Doom 2 + NRFTL by nintenbruce.

Doom 64 emulated by TopHatTragedy.

Genesis Doom by koovak.

Semi-blind SNES Doom by DragonLS.

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Some time mid 1997: My mom rents DOOM 64 from our local video store, I take it home, play it, get my mind blown. First time playing DOOM.

July 10th 1998: After my birthday party, I go to my Windows 95 computer, install Depths of DOOM Trilogy, fire up Ultimate DOOM under DOOM 95, and although initially disappointed that it wasn't like DOOM 64, get consumed nevertheless. First time playing DOOM for REAL.

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1998-ish: I see it for the first time.
2008-ish I hack my Wii and see Doom in the Homebrew Browser, and I get it with the shareware Doom 1, memories flood back.
2013- I own and have played Doom 1-3 and Final Doom at least several hundred times each.

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