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Difficult jump

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I'm literally getting mad trying to make this jump:
in A.L.T. wad map 23
I should be able to jump to the lower gray wall sectors... Tried a thousand times without any luck.
I HATE cheating!
Is there any change in jump maximum distance using ports? I'm using GZDoom. Some compatibiliy flag to set?
Thank you!

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Memfis said:

By jumping do you mean using the "jump" key? Because you're not supposed to do that. Simply run towards the wall and you should make it. Here is a -nomonsters demo where I perform this jump. (recorded in GZDoom)

Well ... your demo does not work ... Anyway I tryed with the latest zdoom version: it was very easy to made the jump. I do not understand... there is some reason why this jump becomes impossible in gzdoom, hardware acceleration, always run and mouse freelook; I'm using version 1.5.6... don't know whether it means something or not.
Also tryed Zandronum with default settings: I can jump even longer that zdoom, landing on the pillar ...

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Well, it's definitely some problem with the engine then, so why not cheat? I think there is really no reason to feel bad about cheating just to avoid a bug. It's not your fault that you can't do this jump.

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