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Install on Steam?

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No, there is a retail version that doesn't go through Steam, though it has a CD-key.

If you have the Steam version, you can install it normally, then look for the Doom 3 v1.31 patch. It contains a Steamless executable. Place it in the Doom 3 folder in addition to/replacement of the Doom 3 exe that was there, and there you go, this allows you to buy the game on Steam yet play it without using the Steam client.

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Oh, I should add one thing: the exe from the 1.31 patch will not work with Doom 3 BFG Edition. Reason why is that they have completely changed the data file format (imagine if there was a Doom update and they had replaced the WAD format of the IWADs with Quake's PAK format for some reason). If you have Doom 3 from the BFG edition, you can only play it through Steam.

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Okay,thanks again! It doesn't really matter if I go through,Steam or not,but when I bought a NEW copy of HL2,they wouldn't let me install,saying saying I had to download it.So,gave it to a friend who had no trouble.Go figure!At least I already have an account.Have a good evening!

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