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LEGO DOOM: Mars in Bricks Mini Series EPISODE Updated 29/10/2013

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A 5 episode mini series based on the popular video game.
Release Date: 2013 Halloween!
EPISODE 1 http://youtu.be/YYY1i7NuCL4
EPISODE 2 http://youtu.be/tByxJMnxC2M
EPISODE 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJtZrVJxFUc
EPISODE 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZdnrD4Ry5M
EPISODE 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6Pmpr0hxtA

EPISODE 01 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nov3RN8HBcE
EPISODE 02 http://youtu.be/B1PYkDrymZc
EPISODE 03 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDjY_kW5i0A
EPISODE 04 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGdmV2csftw


2012 LEGO DOOM Mars in Bricks : Preview KickStarter Project
2013 LEGO DOOM Mars in Bricks Episode 01 Preview KICKSTARTER
Lego Doom: Mars In Bricks Update 10/05/3013
2013 LEGO DOOM Mars in Bricks Update 02 MONSTERS & Characters
2013 LEGO DOOM Update 03 FIlming Episode 01
2013 LEGO DOOM Update 04 Filming Episodes 02 03
2013 LEGO DOOM Update 05 Filming Episodes 04 05

Much like the LEGO Silent Hill mini series finished a year ago, here comes another beloved video game into a movie like world. Yes it's LEGO but it has the same epic-ness of a big budget Hollywood movie.


Doom movie was a dissapointment, this project will use LEGO to tell a better story, to show people how a video game should be adapted.

This was done with Silent Hill and Resident Evil before as they were a disappointment to the video game fans.

Hope you can help bring this vision to you, a video game adaptation that is made by a fan, for the fans. Something that is true to the video game's theme and style.

The sets will be created in the same style as LEGO Silent Hill, with lego built on top of printed backgrounds.

The human characters all have the LEGO look but the monsters will be made with the retro Doom look and feel. This is to symbolize the monsters are from a different dimension. They should look different from the LEGO characters and look alienated.

Episode 01 script can be seen here:

Thank you everyone for looking! :)

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Well, the idea is cool, but.. A 500 pound kickstarter? Doomers have been pouring their heart and soul into projects for free since the whole phenomenon began, it's almost like tradition to not ask for cash when doing somethng like this.

However, the goal has already been met anyway, so more power to you - I'll certianly watch it if you end up finishing it, and I'm not trying to put you down at all :) I was just surprised to hear about a kickstarter thread posted on DW.

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Well I originally posted this in the news section and an admin moved it into the mod section even though it's a fan film -_-

The reason I made a kickstarter is because it's lego, which is still exspensive u know. I mean if i map something on the pc, which i have done in the past as a hobby for jedi knight

Then I don't ask for anything because all the resources are free right? i mean im not being paid for time and effort, just the pieces and ink prices to print and custom all the figures and backgrounds.

but anyway, I hope you and doom fans will like the mini series, unlike that stupid movie.

I really hope you will look at the production photo album and let me know what you think about the set pieces, I really hope i have captured the feeling of doom in lego form.

oh and umm, in the video i did say even if i dont manage the kickstarter I would still make the miniseries, just that it will take a lot longer since i have to save up to make it.

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The set pieces look pretty cool. I also love the way you put the Pinky Demon together.

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digger318 said:

he reason I made a kickstarter is because it's lego, which is still exspensive u know. I mean if i map something on the pc, which i have done in the past as a hobby for jedi knight

That's fair enough - again, I didn't mean it as a criticism, just a point of interest :)

In truth, I'm surprised you aren't recieving more feedback! The idea of Lego Doom is cool and I like the thought of it being brought to life.

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Although I don't think that lego is necessarily the best medium for a Doom series or film, I will say that you have put in a lot of effort here with your figures, the set layouts, and the visual effects. I am interested to see how this project turns out.

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TheUltimateDoomer666 said:

Definitely better than the DOOM movie.

Actually it's a 100% precent better then that crap.

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LOL, this is cool.

I have always wanted to create 3D lego monster replacements for Doom! It would be pretty easy as I guess they would pretty much use all the same mesh, but with different textures and perhaps a few different animations for firing.....in fact second thoughts quite a few of them would need to be very different and god knows how the Caco would look like....a ball made of lego.

I may do a concept some time in the future, get a few zombies in and see were it goes from there....dont even know if there is interest......anyway thats me rambling on again! lol

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