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A wad for brutal doom.

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I had decided to make a wad for Ultimate Doom, its base was to fight along side marines in hostile controlled areas, the original wad came out as AIRBSE.wad
the wad had:
two levels, the first being base where you received your weapons and the second being a small map that really was just an idea.
friendly marines.

the problem was friendly fire: it was the main threat!
I had noticed how the marines do not kill you in Brutal Doom, when running the concept stages of the wad in Brutal Doom I noticed how it was not only better, but the marines became very useful! After noticing this, I decided to now base it for Brutal Doom but still have it available for use in zdoom.
the wad itself is not the best, but with the addition of marines it actually becomes "playable"
oh and here is a screenshot so far:

Update: E1M9 is fully done, need to detail M1 and M2 then move on to M3

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schwerpunk said:

White walls provide a nice contrast to all the red stuff that's bound to be splashing about. >:D

I'd play it.

unfortunatley this wad ended up corrupt :( I did scavenge an unfinished copy how ever but is largely missing most of the maps it came with :(

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