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Name That WAD!!!

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My fellow doom fans, I'm looking for a wad that I was playing (I believe it was popular) about a year or two ago on skulltag. I recall it always being played as deathmatch. However I later found when I was browsing my wads with no internet connection it was an amazing single player pwad. I've been frantically searching for it. I can't sleep. I must find this pwad. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you. I'm not sure how many maps the wad contained I believe there were more than one.

Here are some rough pictures I've drawn that may give some clue. More/better on the way.
I believe that box on the right (red fire stuff) may be a different part of the map

Here is a top vew of what Part of the map (maby 25%) may look like. The circle indicates the part i'm most confident about. The green box is some kind of risen structure. I do believe this part of the map has some sort of backwards S shape.

This might be a different level (or a different pwad) however I remembering going down light gray stirs into a circle water floor texture and battling a cyberdemon. Picture estimates scale where the horizontal line reprezents the cyberdemon. If anything the pit was bigger. The pit was about 1.5 cyberdemons deep. It was designed so that you had to constantly circle the cyberdemon. By simply dodging the rockets you would get caught in the blast from them hitting the wall.

I very well could be remembering 2 different wads however if I could find ether of them I will be most grateful.

List of atributes:

1. I do not believe it had any new textures or graphics. Such as title screen for example.
2. I didn't think I would remember the name of the wad because it seem sort of random.
3. The levels were set mostly outdoors.
4. Plenty of ambushes and monsters however you always had just enough room to move around.

Edit: Sorry I failed to notice The Official "Trying to Find a WAD" Thread.

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Sorry, I have no clue what the level is. But my god that image is trippy. Is that a literal drawing of a doom dream?

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