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Alpha Stage Testing

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This is levels 1-8 (plus level 31) of my first ever megawad, UAC Enterprises! It is supposed to be a little bit more satirical in its story (without sacrificing gameplay), so don't be miffed to find a few Wolfenstein Nazis as bad guys (they're not very common, anyways.)

I've done my best to make each level interesting and fun to play, and (hopefully) allow for good multiplayer/deathmatches. I haven't had anyone to test multiplayer applications with, though, so you'll be the first to see if it works or not.*

You cannot use the jumping or crouching features, as these levels were not designed with those in mind. You can (and will need) the abilities to swim up and down, however.

Please note, updated versions of these levels are going to be included in the megawad's eventual 32 level release. The updates will mainly fix issues the maps have had with being able to get to the secret levels, plus a few possible level layout/gameplay tweaks.

*If there are any specific multiplayer/deathmatch issues anywhere, let me know so I can fix them for the official release!

Please let me know what you think!

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Here are a few screenshots. Sorry for the poor quality; for some reason, I have problems whenever I attempt getting screenshots directly from the game, so I've had to resort to taking digital pictures instead.


BTW, the last image in the album has nothing to do with Doom whatsoever, but is in the same folder anyways because I'm lazy.

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I was wondering about that one. :P

Pretty good for your first maps. The texturing and decoration is a bit odd and the layout could use some work, but all those things can be ironed out the more you practice. Try play some of the more popular megawads on the IdGames Archive to get some pointers. Keep going dude, :)

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