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How EXACTLY do I install Sikkmod + Wulfen Textures

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Ok. I am having a really difficult time getting Sikkmod 1.2 to work with the Wulfen texture pack 2.0. I am using the Steam version of Doom 3 but I do have the original disk if that matters. I'll explain exactly what mods I have and how I installed everything.

- Sikkmod 1.2
- Monoaxed Textures
- Parallax Mapping Mod 2.0
- Wulfen Texture Pack 2.0

So I put the Sikkmod folder in the Doom 3 folder. Sikkmod works fine as far as I can tell. I have all the Sikkmod options available in-game. I edit the DoomConfig for my PC; 1440x900, seta r_mode= -1, aspectratio= 2. I then extract the Monoaxed folders out of the zip into the Sikkmod folder.

Now this is where stuff begins to annoy me. I have the Wulfen texture pack as a PK4 file. I've seen, on various sites, instructions to just place this PK4 file in the Sikkmod folder. Ok, easy enough. I load up Doom 3 with Sikkmod and the textures do not seem to be loading. Not only that it seems the resolution reverted back to default. Anyway, I tried different things (placing the PK4 in the doom 3 base folder, textures folder, etc.). Once I extracted the folders OUT of the PK4 file into the Sikkmod folder (I still kept the PK4 in the Sikkmod folder) and downloaded somebody else's DoomConfig it seemed to load. I uninstalled all the mods and attempted this again and once again it doesn't seem like the texture pack is loading. This is infuriating because either I'm missing something or something just isn't right. If someone can explain to me how this works and then how to install the Parallax mod (which is also a PK4 file) I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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Sorry for the double post but I have an update.

I have an autoexec with these commands and the DoomConfig is set like this as well:

seta r_customHeight "900"
seta r_customWidth "1440"
seta r_fullscreen "1"
seta r_mode "-1"
seta r_aspectRatio "2"

This is what happens:

Here is screenshot of my Sikkmod folder: http://imgur.com/seoVUjU
When I enable HDR: http://i.imgur.com/5WLenFb.jpg
No Hi-res textures load: http://i.imgur.com/G1FHjSs.jpg
When I turn on SSAO: http://i.imgur.com/AyEmD8Y.jpg

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running mods should actually be pretty easy. you just put the pk4 files in the right directory and you should be done.

try this:

put the wulfen pk4 into the base doom3 folder and run vanilla doom just to check if the textures are loading at all. if that's not the case there's something wrong with either the texture pack or a version mismatch and i can't help you any further.

if the textures are loading, keep the pk4 file in the base folder and run the sikk mod. if they don't load with the sikk mod, put the pk4 file into the sikk folder and try again. if this is not working, the mods seem to not be compatible.

as far as i'm concerned it doesn't matter if you extract the files or keep the pk4 file.

(btw. if you set resolution in the autoexec.cfg, you don't need to change the doomconfig.cfg. you definetely need an autoexec.cfg in the mod folder though which is already the case i think.)

bottom line: try to run the mods seperately. if they work properly, put them together into one folder. if this breaks things, they are not compatible. i also wouldn't use more than one texture pack because there may be overlapping material definitions.

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