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News: Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker Defeats Racist Jesus

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"Kai is a homeless hitchhiker who carries around a hatchet. Kai is also being hailed as a hero after saving a woman from the clutches of the man who was giving him a ride — who suddenly crashed his car into a utility worker, began spouting racist invective and claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus..."


Everything about this story is amazing.

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Everyone wants the Gregory Brothers to auto-tune this but it's probably too rude.


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Haha...I just realized this happened in Fresno, California. I live about 30 minutes away in Visalia! Crazy stuff. My roommate mentioned it and I was like, "Hey, I read that at Doomworld..." Kinda cool.

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The article on Time now shows the the uncensored video as the primary one. I found that kind of funny because the text says, "Watch the video above and see if you don’t want to give him a little media training and/or join his cult. Then watch the NSFW swear-laden unedited version: ..." People thinking they're getting a SFW link are in for a shock. :D

The change in his tone when asked why he did it is interesting. He dropped the surfer lingo and the profanity for a minute there. He looked like he just realized the gravity of the situation.

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