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Which version is the original, registered Doom? 1.1?

And what is the earliest shareware you can get? 1.2?

I'm doing a Doom marathon this Sunday and thought I might start off with something really old though there's no original Doom in my collection yet and I've hesitated to get any physical shareware since I haven't really known how old ones you can get.

It's obviously a late thought now but I still may get that shareware for next week to enjoy some authentic diminutive differences compared to 1.9.

Anyways does Doomgate.de have all the sharewares and also some downgrade patches for download? Seems great until I get physical items.

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According to the Wiki, the first shareware release was version 0.99. The earliest registered version appears to be 1.1, which was released less than a week later.

The shareware releases are available for download from here and here on the archive. Haven't used the Doomgate patcher, but I think it's intended to upgrade/downgrade the registered and retail games.

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